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Chauffeured driven jeeps and off road excursions

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a professional driver take you to and from your Leeto Destinations. Take in all the splendour of the journey to your destination or the journey back in our safe hands.

Luxury Sky Camping

Have restful nights in our comfortable king-sized luxury sky tents suitable for a family or group of 4. Star gaze or have conversations by starlight on our elevated sleeping platforms with no bugs or creepy crawlies. We do the setting up so you can fully immerse yourself in the beauty around you.

Outdoor Dining with a Private Chef

Enjoy star rated wining and dining experiences to delight all your senses.  Our skilled private chefs are ready to provide you bite-sized elevation through mountain top picnics, braais, and bonfires, whether it's breakfast, champagne brunch, lunch, or dinner.

Sundowner Boat Cruise

Commandeer a boat for the weekend and enjoy the pleasures of drifting away from it all. You can also explore water activities, share a toast at sunset as you cruise around the waters, or host your own party on a boat for an experience like no other.


Leeto Experiences strives to make the great outdoors more comfortable by providing access to outdoor warm showers and electricity. Prepare to be surrounded by nature at its best while also having access to high-end conveniences.

Who are we?

What we do.

Leeto Experience prides itself in hosting destination immersion experiences, from beginning till end. With more than 22 years of experience in the hotel, travel, tourism, and "destination marketing" industries. Hloni Pitso, our visionary founder, recognises and caters to the needs of today's traveler; no dull tours or staring out the bus windows, but rather experiencing the life of a destination. 

Our customers are entirely hosted and cared for by skilled and passionate hosts every step of the way, allowing them to explore the area while still enjoying the beauty of a vacation.

LEETO Experience offers an outdoor lifestyle adventure travel experience. The company launched as a direct result of the effects of Covid-19 Pandemic where lockdowns were imposed across the globe which restricted travel, events, social gatherings and enjoying the great outdoors. The end of lockdown restrictions brought new challenges and opportunities. As people returned from the lockdown to a new normal, appreciation for the outdoors emerged and demand for outdoor travel experiences increased. This was the new dawn for the travel and tourism industry. A need for new travel experiences that offer outdoor lifestyle adventure in wide open spaces and less travelled routes. This is what LEETO Experience is all about, an "OUTDOOR LIFESTYLE ADVENTURE". ​

Bonfires & good
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is calling.


Meet The Team

Meet our team that makes it happen

Hloni Pitso

Visionary Founder of LEETO NOMADS a destination immersion experience hosting and trade marketing  services agency. The agency relates and caters to the needs of today's traveller while identifying brands that  can cater to the demands of these travellers; no stale tours or peering from bus windows but rather experience 
the life of a destination. 

With 22 years working experience across various sectors in the tourism industry which include travel agency operations, aviation, hospitality and destination marketing has allowed for the opportunity to gain vast knowledge and experience. Equally gained international exposure heading the South African Tourism Regional 
Marketing offices in West Africa and South Europe engaging with various industry stakeholders at different 


Thato Senamela

Managing Partner at LEETO NOMADS. Having worked in the aviation industry for 16yrs with direct access to passengers from all works of life, including having trained to handle an extensive  amount of VIP/Government officials. Gained experience and knowledge to build a company with  longevity in the hospitality space.


Worked in the customer service and training departments, dealing with pre and after customer relations. With nomadic traits gave the opportunity to travel and learn from international markets such as China, Indian, Brazil, Dubai, USA, UK, Europe, Bali, Mauritius, Seychelles which has given international experience and exposure. 

Tropical Leaves

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